Invitation to attend Tuwakuze Africa End Year Dinner 2015 at Pride Inn Hotel Westlands

Tuwakuze Africa is a youth led non profit organization formed in 2013 to improve education in Kenya with a focus on education in non formal schools. Tuwakuze Africa has been able to provided stationery worth over 60,000 to over 150 pupils as well as mentor up to 20 students in 3 non formal schools in Nairobi’s since its inception. We have provided voluntary teachers to Bethsaida School in Githurai and Victorious Joy school in Kahawa West.


The Tuwakuze End of Year dinner is an evening of elegance designed to bring together young leaders, corporate and nonprofit representatives to reflect together with Tuwakuze on the year; the accomplishment and challenges faced. The event enables young leaders who have started different initiatives to share experiences, lessons and discuss valuable ideas on how to better impact communities. The dinner also seeks to raise over 50,000 as proceeds from the dinner to go towards buying dry foods for Bethsaida children’s home in Githurai, 44.

Representatives from both the non-profit and corporate sectors get a session to mentor the young leaders present as a way of giving back by sharing their professional experiences, ideas and vision for transforming communities.

The dinner incorporates a feature on the event’s main sponsors, a word from special guests, live performances by upcoming young artists and awarding of Tuwakuze person of the Year as well as other outstanding young leaders who have initiated projects that transforms communities.

The dinner provides a unique opportunity for young leaders working on diverse areas to network and form linkages to collaborate on transformative actions. Furthermore corporates and established non-profit organizations gain a great platform to access young leaders who are able to collaborate with them on new products and projects. The platform taps into leaders of youth organization which ensures ripple effect to reach even younger people. The corporate and nonprofit representatives who have innovative products for young people or projects that has a commendable impact on the youth get to share their product / project with young people.

Tuwakuze has held 2 successful end of year dinners that immensely contributed to our projects and that of our partners by attracting more volunteers, partners and material support.

We invite you as a highly valued youth mentor, partner, volunteer, young leader to come join us this year as we seek to have an even better, delightful and impactful end of year dinner.

To learn more about Tuwakuze Africa click on the link below:

Tuwakuze Africa Dinner Concept Note pdf.

Date:12th December from 7 p.m

Cost: Ksh 2,500

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About Youth County Projects Kenya and the Founder

Violet Mbiti is the founder of the blog “Youth County Projects Kenya” that seeks to fill the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects being implemented by Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, National Government, County Governments, donors and individuals in the 47 counties in Kenya.

Violet Mbiti holds a Masters Degree in Project Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from United States International University .She has initiated and implemented projects that cover the health sector, Renewable Energy Sector, Water Sector, Environment Sector and Social Entrepreneurship. She also sought the donors who funded the above projects.

Violet is also n alumni of the Political Leadership and Governance Programme offered by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung which is funded by the German Government and is the Vice Chairperson of Improved Stoves Association of Kenya Machakos County. Violet is an advisory council board member of Hand in Hand Eastern Africa youth project titled “The Peace and Prosperity through Job Creation”.

This platform seeks to motivate youth to initiate projects in their respective communities to achieve Vision 2030 within the social,economic and political pillars.

You want your concerns around Project Management,Resource Mobilization/Fundraising,Governance, Leadership, Democracy,Social Development, and Youth Empowerment fixed? Find me.

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By youthcountyprojects

This platform seeks to fill the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects being implemented in the 47 counties in Kenya.
It also highlights projects focusing on youth being implemented in 47 counties in Kenya by the national government,county governments,donor agencies,civil society organisations (CSOs),Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),Donor Agencies,Community Based Organisations (CBOs),private sector and individuals and their impact to the communities.
The projects lie within the social pillar,economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030.
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Twitter : @YouthProjects

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