Are you engaged in Politics and Governance in your community?Apply for the Political Leadership and Governance Programme being offered by Friedrich Ebert Foundation

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) Nairobi invites applications for the above mentioned training programme.Applicants should be young Kenyans aged 18- 34 years.

The Political Leadership and Governance Programme (PLGP) aims to promote value-driven leadership for good governance in political and civil society organizations through training of young people.The objective is to equip them with skills that will enhance their participation in leadership at all levels within the organizational structures.

Applications should include a detailed CV and a motivation letter and should be sent by email to or through P.O.Box 14932-00800 Nairobi to reach the office latest by 16th May 2016.

Only shortlisted applicants will receive communication by 27th May 2016.


Apply for the Business and Entrepreneurial Training taking place in Taita Taveta County courtesy of the County Government and UNDP

The County Government of Taita Taveta through the Taita Taveta Biashara Center with the technical and financial support of United Nations Development Programme is rolling out a training initiative to empower the youth and catalyze competitive growth of Micro and Small Medium Enterprises by enhancing self-employment and injecting a new breed of productive labour force into the county.

Target:Highly motivated and qualified youth who are seeking to either  start up their own businesses or become business development agents/consultants with view to seeking income income generating opportunities within the county.In addition they should be youth who are below 35 years,holder of Bachelor’s degree or higher diploma and currently unemployed yet actively seeking self-employment. Youth,women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Course Fee: Ksh 2000 to be paid on the first day of the course.

Send CV,Motivation letter,duly filled application form and certificates  with subject heading: “BS&ED Training” to

The Center Manager
Taita Taveta Biashara Center
P.O.Box 1066-80304,Wundanyi


Physically drop them at Biashara Center located in Voi Town at Red Elephant Bistro Building 1st floor

Deadline:5th May 2016

For further information check out the poster below



Be a Disruptor;Defying the status quo!Attend this forum organised by Young Achievers Network in Nairobi County

“This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.” — Robert Kennedy.

Today’s youth are  socially responsible men and women of the millennial generation which, according to a Deloitte human capital trends report, will constitute 75% of the workforce by 2025. This generation is poised to be the future disruptors of economies.

While the youth of today have the potential to create a world unimaginable in the future, this generation faces challenges unlike any before it.

To overcome this,Young Achievers Network has organised a Cocktail whose theme is “Be a Disruptor;Challenging the status quo” where several topics will be discussed which seek to empower the youth.

The event will be held on the 29th April, 5PM – 8 PM. The venue is Agro House, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi. It is next to Nazarene University Town Campus.


The specific topics will be;

-Investing in people
-Creating lasting networks
-Igniting change
-Mind shift
-Growing your scope.

The cocktail can only be as great as those in attendance and consequently the content. They have therefore lined up great minds who have challenged the status quo in great ways.
The speakers will be

1) Alfred Ogolla- Gooding Africa
2) Wawira Njiru -Food 4 Education,
3)Steve Muthusi- Personal Development Challenge
4)Beatrice Ndungu- Young Media Foundation
5) Isaac Maweu – Young Achievers Network
6)  Entertainment by. Grace Wangui- Poet
Above all, come and build great networks.
The charges are Ksh 200 which covers the cocktail drink.

““One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social change. Every society has its protectors of status quo and its fraternities of the indifferent who are notorious for sleeping through revolutions. Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.





Join Global Platform Nairobi for Youth Radicalization and Extremism Tweet Chat



Plan to attend the Gender forum where Civil Society Organisations will reflect on CSW60



Do you want to be signed up by a Modeling Agency?Attend this event organised by Models Caffe



Want to Access Government Procurement Opportunities?Register a company first by following these steps



Invitation to attend the MENTENDA Man Camp organised by KCDF in Nairobi County



Youth,How will you choose your political affiliation this time round?



Research Findings on Youth Unemployment and Underemployment Situation in Kenya

Youth County Projects Kenya in partnership with Altan Consulting engages in evidence-based programming in order to address youth’s most pressing needs and demonstrate impact in a measurable way.

The two organizations partnered to carry out a research on unemployment and underemployment in Kenya.Click on the link below to check out our survey

Youth County Projects Kenya,a subsidiary of Vijana Network International Limited, was established to avail information on youth projects and opportunities as well as carry out research intended to inform on economic, social and political issues affecting the youth and has a team in the counties who coordinate its programs. Youth County Projects Kenya utilizes the power of the social media and shares information through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other forms of social media. Our solutions bridge the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects and opportunities being implemented by The National Government, County Governments, Donor Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector and youth aged 18-35 in the 47 counties in Kenya.

Altan consulting is an economic and financial policy advisory consultancy firm. Their focus is on issues where economics, finance and public policy overlap. This is a firm of experts dedicated to applying economic, finance, and quantitative principles to complex business and policy challenges. In addition to their client work, Altan consulting undertakes and supports policy-focused research to promote debate and best practice particularly for the youth. 


Those interviewed were youth aged between 18 and 35 and they were from 16 counties in Kenya; a summary of the results obtained are as follows:

  • On average, most of the youth that we interviewed got rejected from jobs that they applied for.At every stage of job rejection, a psychological process of worrying and depression follows. This leads to a perpetual cycle of stress which makes it difficult to undertake what is important to step up to the requirements of a job of to have the capacity to run a productive entrepreneurship.
  • 29% of the youth stated that the number one issue that was standing in their way of acquiring jobs is the lack of education, experience and appropriate skills – with most referring to the lack of experience ( at 20%) as the greatest impediment to securing an appropriate employment opportunity. The second highest rated impediment was the issues of corruption and nepotism (at 25%). Combined these issues alone accounted for 54% of what the youth considered as major problems.
  • 50% of the participants considered mentorship for employment and entrepreneurship as  a pertinent issue to their career progression. This attests to the fact that many of the youth acknowledge that they require people with better experience to guide them. However, only about 8% acknowledge that this is a primary issue to address today in order to get a job, even less (2%) consider that lack of mentorship is what is standing in their way of securing a job.
  • 52% of the participants attested to the fact that they did not posses the right education to pursue the careers of their dreams. However, only about 30% confirmed their need to obtain appropriate education to get the jobs that they seek. 40% stated that they required to enhance their skill development and eduation to get appropriate jobs. Skill development in the form of job experience and training superseeds the need to enhance education  for most of the youth.
  • Self-development through education, connection, mentorships and experience were  the main solutions considered by 50% of the youth to counter the ailment of joblessness. 11% advocated for better corruption practises to secure jobs ( i.e. if they had the money to buy a job they would have done it). 21% of the youth we interviewed stated categorically that the recruitment process is bogged down with too much corruption and nepotism and that there is need for more accountability and fairness in this process.
  • 45% of the youth stated that they could settle for jobs that give them monthly salary of about $200-$500per month and they believe that they have the skills that it takes to earn this salary. This is indicative of the fact that monetary gains alone are not what inspire the youth, rather personal achievement and careers that are progressing are much more important to them. 86% of the youth are willing to settle for jobs that pay less than $1,000 dollars per month.
  • Approximately 78% of the youth considered the fact that they did not have career counseling in early childhood education as a primary reason for their mismatch to the jobs that they seek. This is closely followed by the lack of mentorship opportunities available as the primary reason (63%). This attests to the fact that education system does not necessarity prepare the youth for the opportunities that are existing in the market that they are coming out to practice in. Information in early childhood education is necessary to prepare them to face the market better, even if it means by means of entrepreneurship. Moreover, entrepreneurship should be encouraged in early child education so that when they are ready to work, i) they will be able to face the market with better expectations ii) they are not dependent on opportunities that will never show iii) they will be better able to setup and continue entrepreneurial practices.

This synopsis of “Youth Unemployment and Underemployment Situation in Kenya” was produced as an authorized excerpt from the full report.
To request for the full report email:



FGM: a costly, organised crime against women and girls

By Hilary Burage
This article has been published by the Guardian Newspaper

Despite the physical horrors of FGM, why does it prevail? Hilary Burrage explains how often women are left with the worst of choices in the world’s poorest communities.

A ‘bride price’ can guarantee economic survival, with FGM the brutal ‘pre-nup’.
A ‘bride price’ can guarantee economic survival, with FGM the brutal ‘pre-nup’. Photograph: Alamy

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is big business. It’s trans-global and sometimes organised by centuries-old formal agencies, on a for-profit basis. Like most other efficient businesses, it markets itself as in the interest of the consumer, into whose lifestyle expectations it is firmly embedded.

These observations imply no disrespect for the immense suffering which FGM causes. Across the globe there are probably 200 million women and girls now alive who have experienced (and survived) FGM.

Cutters are often paid. Until recently nearly all excisors were medically untrained, but increasingly, excision is undertaken by qualified clinicians, giving FGM in the eyes of some, a veneer of respectability. The World Health Organisation regards the medicalisation of FGM as the greatest threat to its final eradication.

FGM boosts low-paid medical workers’ incomes, and attracts kudos and power for traditional excisors in communities where other high-status work is hard to come by.

A cutter holding the tool she used to perform the procedure at a community meeting in Afar, Ethiopia.
A cutter holding the tool she used to perform FGM in Afar, Ethiopia. Photograph: UNICEF/HOLT/EPA

Horrific gateway to the adult world

In some areas of Africa, deeply rooted ‘tradition’ demands that local girls undergo FGM, and sometimes other harmful traditional practices (beading, breast ironing etc), if they are to gain access to a husband and the adult world.

Without FGM they are considered ‘unclean’; perhaps they will be cast aside from their community. The economic prospects for the girl and her family (as they will receive no bride price) may be as dire as those of the excisors, if FGM is abandoned.

Cost to women

An estimated 10-30% of those who undergo FGM may die from it, either directly because shock, haemorrhage or infection, or from further complications when giving birth. Infants whose mothers die or cannot care for them have a much higher likelihood of dying as well. Women’s much needed contributions to the local economy, of labour and enterprise, are lost.

Then there’s the difficult question of land. In some traditional African communities women own land in their own right. But women who have not had FGM may be refused adult status, and so the land may go back to their menfolk. Instead of becoming modern citizens by refusing mutilation, women may therefore be reduced to the status of chattels.

Diaspora: a marriage at what cost?

In western societies FGM may itself cause the very outcome it is intended, back ‘home’, to avoid. Girls experiencing FGM in places such as the UK may, like their African counterparts, withdraw from school, especially as they reach puberty, resulting in an alienation from mainstream society.

Given the huge human and hidden fiscal costs of not addressing FGM in the developing world, should UK Aid be conditional, in those countries most affected, on solid evidence that FGM is being tackled by the domestic authorities?

Demanding an end to FGM would hit several universal targets, including health, efficient use of funds, and human rights. It could be more feasibly achieved by developing world national governments than putting an effective stop to corruption or re-couping lost tax.

Somehow, the message has to be brought home, that FGM is a very costly crime. Ultimately, that can only happen if those in governments and international agencies with the most influence, are willing to speak out and provide real leadership. Has anyone done the math?


Apply for the Mcfie Education Fund 2016 Scholarships from Strathmore University

Strathmore University partners with McFie Education Fund to give more students the opportunity to succeed

Mission: To finance Accounting and Business education for qualifying beneficiaries and mentor them to catalyse wealth creation and inspire social transformation.

Vision: Transformed individuals creating wealth and changing the world.

The McFie Education Fund was officially launched on Friday 20th March 2015 to support access to Accounting and Business Education at Strathmore University and mentor the beneficiaries into transformative leaders.
The Mcfie Education fund will provide financial means for students to pay their tuition fees, accommodation and other costs relevant to their course.
In 2016 we shall support young people for the following programs:

A. Bachelor of Commerce Exempt (BCom exempt)

Submit the McFie Education Fund application form by 15th May 2016.

The interviews will take place from 20th May 2016.

B. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Submit the McFie Education Fund application form by 15th May 2016.
The applicant will be expected to demonstrate truth, courage and devotion to duty.

The interviews will take place from 23rd and 24th May 2016.

To apply visit the and download the application form.

Successful applicants will be informed within 7 days after interviews.

  • The Selection Committee will consider the following during the short listing process:
  • The applicant will need an offer letter to study at Strathmore University
  • For both BCom exempt and CPA a minimum of C+ achieved at KCSE is require[including a minimum grade of B in Mathematics and English]
  • Circumstances of life of the individual must be confirmed by credible sources
  • Talent in sports, leadership, art or other areas the Board of Trustees find fitting to be considered as an additional advantage
  • Bachelor of Commerce Exempt entry requirements – CPA (K) or CPS or ACCA

NB: At the discretion of the selection and scholarship committee, applicants that meet requirements of the admitting board will be considered

Terms and Conditions:

  • The beneficiary must be a day full time student for CPA and evening student for BCom exempt
  • The BCom exempt scholarship only covers fees, applicant must have a daytime job
  • The beneficiary must commit to receiving mentorship from Strathmore and the Fund
  • The beneficiary must commit to continuing engagement even after completing.

For any queries, please email indicating ‘July 2016 JMEF Scholarship’ on the subject.


Real Estate Women Entrepreneurship Conference in Nairobi County

If you are the woman who wants to make inroads into investing in real estate, this event is for you.

>Learn where the hot deals are..
>Learn the strategies that successful women investors used to make it
>Learn how to start from where you are right now
>Meet industry players, valuers, developers, property agents and others and get to know where to invest your money
>Learn from real estate investment trainers and get a chance to join the only real estate investing training program in town at a once in a lifetime time discount.

Date:April 29th 2016

Venue:St Andrew’s Church along Nyerere Road,Nairobi

Purchase tickets on


Plan to attend The Women Entrepreneurship & Networking workshop organized by Gulf African Bank and International Finance Corporation

Gulf African Bank is committed to economic empowerment and inclusion of women in the financial sector. We understand and appreciate the unique role that women play in the society and as such, continuously seek to customize solutions to address the unique needs of women as individuals and as powerhouse entrepreneurs.

Register for the Women Entrepreneurship & Networking Forum organised in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) for a chance to:

  • Network with successful Women Entrepreneurs
  • Discuss Financial management
  • Learn about the vast financing opportunities for women
  • Launch the 1st Women banking website in Kenya.

Click on the link below to apply:

VenueRaddison Blu
Time9:00am – 3:00pm
DateThursday 28th April, 2016



Plan to attend the Youth/Women Entrepreneurship week organised by Akili Foundation in Nandi County

Akili Foundation.jpg


Register for RUKA! Youth Leadership Conference 2016 (Registration & Participation is FREE)

RUKA! Youth Leadership Conference combines design thinking, open-space methodology and rights-based approach by creating the infrastructure to cultivate and support young change-makers from under-served (non-formal) areas in their journey to tackle the toughest challenges in their personal lives and communities.

RUKA! channels these efforts by facilitating knowledge-sharing through Open Space conference model and catalysing youth innovation for social entrepreneurship and sustainable development by providing access to mentors and capital they need to start their venture.


RUKA! is organized by PaaMoja Initiative; an organization that empowers individuals from Mathare Slums and beyond to acquire and practice life skills, access resources, design & execute community development programs and most significantly give back to the community. The conference is supported by The JUMP! Foundation; a non-profit social enterprise that uses experiential education to advance a world in which individuals, community leaders, and global citizens realize their passions and potential.

RUKA! takes place on 17th-18th June, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.
To participate in the conference you have to be a Kenyan citizen aged between 18-25 years, living in an under-served (non-formal) community in Nairobi.

Registration & Participation is FREE. Deadline on 24 April.

Click on the link below to apply:


Entrepreneurship is the way to creating more jobs-Tony Elumelu



Plan to attend a Musical Concert Organized by The Godown Arts Center in Nairobi County



Support Samlis Children’s Home by attending a charity event organised by Tabasamu F.K in Nairobi County

Let us join Tabasamu F.K on 23rd April 2016 from 10.00 a.m as they visit SAMLIS CHILREN HOME located in Dandora phase 5 to extend our love and support to the less fortunate in the society.The home houses 75 orphans aged 1-16 years.


Their needs include:
Food(unga,oil,rice,beans, greengrams)
sanitary towels and panties
cooking oil
tissue paper

Asante Sana for your support!


Plan to attend the Youth and Extremism Discussion organised by Global Platform Nairobi

Youth and extremism