Apply for the Mcfie Education Fund 2016 Scholarships from Strathmore University

Strathmore University partners with McFie Education Fund to give more students the opportunity to succeed

Mission: To finance Accounting and Business education for qualifying beneficiaries and mentor them to catalyse wealth creation and inspire social transformation.

Vision: Transformed individuals creating wealth and changing the world.

The McFie Education Fund was officially launched on Friday 20th March 2015 to support access to Accounting and Business Education at Strathmore University and mentor the beneficiaries into transformative leaders.
The Mcfie Education fund will provide financial means for students to pay their tuition fees, accommodation and other costs relevant to their course.
In 2016 we shall support young people for the following programs:

A. Bachelor of Commerce Exempt (BCom exempt)

Submit the McFie Education Fund application form by 15th May 2016.

The interviews will take place from 20th May 2016.

B. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Submit the McFie Education Fund application form by 15th May 2016.
The applicant will be expected to demonstrate truth, courage and devotion to duty.

The interviews will take place from 23rd and 24th May 2016.

To apply visit the and download the application form.

Successful applicants will be informed within 7 days after interviews.

  • The Selection Committee will consider the following during the short listing process:
  • The applicant will need an offer letter to study at Strathmore University
  • For both BCom exempt and CPA a minimum of C+ achieved at KCSE is require[including a minimum grade of B in Mathematics and English]
  • Circumstances of life of the individual must be confirmed by credible sources
  • Talent in sports, leadership, art or other areas the Board of Trustees find fitting to be considered as an additional advantage
  • Bachelor of Commerce Exempt entry requirements – CPA (K) or CPS or ACCA

NB: At the discretion of the selection and scholarship committee, applicants that meet requirements of the admitting board will be considered

Terms and Conditions:

  • The beneficiary must be a day full time student for CPA and evening student for BCom exempt
  • The BCom exempt scholarship only covers fees, applicant must have a daytime job
  • The beneficiary must commit to receiving mentorship from Strathmore and the Fund
  • The beneficiary must commit to continuing engagement even after completing.

For any queries, please email indicating ‘July 2016 JMEF Scholarship’ on the subject.

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It also highlights projects focusing on youth being implemented in 47 counties in Kenya by the national government,county governments,donor agencies,civil society organisations (CSOs),Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),Donor Agencies,Community Based Organisations (CBOs),private sector and individuals and their impact to the communities.
The projects lie within the social pillar,economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030.
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2 replies on “Apply for the Mcfie Education Fund 2016 Scholarships from Strathmore University”

Thank you so Much for this great initiative to give back to the society. I must confess that an highly honoured and moved. I have are quest/enquiry. I have a sister who did KCSE 2015 and scored C+ and a C in maths and English. she is passionate to pursue a business course but unfortunately my dad cant afford the fees since he’s a farmer in voi town. My sister worked in order to assist in paying her highschool fees and now she and I again are working trying to save money to join a higher education institution to pi sue the course of her dreams. Can she get a chance to secure a chance to this scholarship?


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