Annual African Youth Summit held in Johannesburg,South Africa courtesy of FES

The Annual African Youth Summit on Social Justice and Democracy  was held in Johannesburg,South Africa from 28th of June to 1st of July 2017.The Summit was organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and brought together youth from African Countries whose theme was “African People Disconnect;The G-20 and The Global Order of the Rich,for the Rich,by the Rich?”


Violet Mbiti Foundation through its brand Youth County Projects Kenya was invited to the Summit.Below are some of the views/messages from youth of different African Countries towards G20 Summit as compiled by our fellow comrade from Tanzania by the name Zulekha.



The G20 Summit should be facilitating more seats at the table for African countries and organizational invites.  I think the African agenda towards the G20 should be one where we contest the legitimacy of these meetings. If they are not willing to assist the continent with preparations, reframe the perception of African migrants on their respective countries or reclaiming the illicit flows from the continent (check out Thabo Mbeki’s presentation to the AU), then we should have no problem walking away from these discussions. We should invest more in our own infrastructural development. Create alternative, invented spaces where we can see our own agenda for growing our economies on local ( determining a developmental state that processes its own mineral resources, fosters young entrepreneurs and diversifies political leadership), regional (through using powerhouses like Nigeria, SA, Kenya, etc. to build infrastructure or complimentary economies that set countries for intra-trade and free movement) and continental platforms (creating new fiscal plans, lending practices and repayments for a better African Dev. Bank, crowd sourcing for the AU budget and critical analysis of financial contributors to the AU: West Africa & CFA, EU & China’s influence on AU Budget/Infrastructure.
As the saying ‘Whatever you do for me but without me, you do against me’ best describes the G20 Summit exclusion of the African countries. They should value the opinions of our people and provide more space for African countries. The lack of inclusiveness still continues- inequality, poverty, unemployment and the inability of citizens to engage in national affairs. Of all the 34 commitments on Africa adopted by G20 we are yet to see desirable outcomes, so what is going to change this time?! We as Africans should invest in our own resources if we want to transform and regional integration.
I think that the forthcoming G20 Summit has an opportunity to help build confidence among other countries, around the world that they are interested in creating a fairer world for all. The summit must focus on institutionalizing the club and follow up on resolutions that are made especially as these relate to climate change, trade, development and addressing inequality. The G20 must be seen to care about the welfare of the rest of the world and we hope political commitments will be showcased in that regard.
As African youth, we scream our lungs out to be heard beyond boundaries of the continent. However, we must try to relay our messages within the existing mechanisms/channels. African think tanks, knowledge hubs, and youth engagement platforms are excellent medium for this. G20 efforts for private investment in Africa must positioned to address youth employment for starters, then intra-regional market integration and integration into the global politics and economy game. Trusting in the political institutions, whether big or small, gendered, all inclusive or sometimes conservative ones, must play center line in the sustainable transformation the continent is trying to implement. 2063 and 2030 agendas would not, & must not, need to be seen as pre-deliverables deadlines, but an actual timeline for post-impact assessment.
Whether we like it or not, globalization along with its various dimensions has become part of our day to day lives.  Comparatively speaking, however, the South, especially Africa is being affected by the negative impacts.  So why are the G20 countries interested in reflecting & prioritizing the interests of Africa at this time? Why now? One of the reasons is the growing understanding that African problems are no longer African alone- they are shared. Hence, it is imperative for the G20 to examine the underlined causes of the problem and take proactive instead of reactive measures so as to be part of the global solution in addressing the impacts of globalization.
The summit should discuss issues pertaining health affecting African countries as a remedy for diseases like Aids, Ebola etc. What’s the EU/G20 interest on the African Agenda on global market expansion on their raw materials? Equal opportunities to be offered to African states on the global level to up their games in political & economic spheres.
What are strategic visions in establishing an economic policy platform in educating & driving benefits in developing world? Lastly, creating and promoting sustainable development goals with African states in enabling environment for investments and infrastructural development.
G20 must listen to Africa and participate in proposing solutions to its problems.
This self-appointed group representing 2/3 of world population, ¾ of world trade and nearly 80% of economic output, is a wastage of time and resources. First of all, the key members- USA, UK, Germany, and France –no longer share much in common. Trump’s USA is against the rest of the world; UK can’t see face to face anymore wit Europe following the Brexit etc. I expect more protests than enforceable decisions out of Hamburg.
There is a strong link developments and democracy, transparency and the interest of people. The G20 as largest economic group in the world must do the best to help the interest of the people‘s lives among all the world, focusing on the most vulnerable countries, as they must be empowered, by solving the problems of poverty and related issues. Contributing in such activities can help not just the people of poor nations but also problems of rich ones, it will reduce the problems of migration and human trafficking, violence and terrorism. The interest of world cannot be separated as we are living ion one planet affected by any single crisis.”
Kindly find below areas we have been featured on social media after the summit.

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