Are you a youth driving change in your community?Register your details with Amref Health Africa and Advocacy Accelerator

Deadline:February 12, 2018

Amref Health Africa and the Advocacy Accelerator are implementing the Youth Advocacy Project, a newly funded initiative working with youth, partners and communities to strengthen the voice, skills, and participation of youth across Kenya to advocate for youth-identified policy and resource priorities in the areas of gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Young people under the age of 35 make up 70% of the Kenyan population, yet often face huge barriers to engaging with decision-makers and making the changes they seek, especially in the areas of gender equality and SRHR.  The Youth Advocacy project will work with youth across Kenya to overcome and remove these barriers in order to take advantage of the huge opportunities that currently exist for youth to shift Kenya’s political landscape.

Amref Health Africa are looking for youth advocates who are driving change in their community.Register your details by clicking on the link below: 

Why Violet Mbiti Foundation,Vijana Network International Limited and Youth County Projects Kenya exists

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by offering quality projects and opportunities that will empower socially, economically and politically the lives of 16 million unemployed youth from the 47 counties in Kenya that we believe we will reach. Want to partner with us?

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By youthcountyprojects

This platform seeks to fill the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects being implemented in the 47 counties in Kenya.
It also highlights projects focusing on youth being implemented in 47 counties in Kenya by the national government,county governments,donor agencies,civil society organisations (CSOs),Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),Donor Agencies,Community Based Organisations (CBOs),private sector and individuals and their impact to the communities.
The projects lie within the social pillar,economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030.
Facebook Page: Youth Projects Kenya
Twitter : @YouthProjects

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