Youth County Projects Kenya seeks to bridge the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects and opportunities being implemented by youth aged 18-35 from the 47 counties in Kenya, The National Government, County Governments, Donor Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector.

Vio profile photoThe platform was established by Violet Mbiti in  the year 2015 because she believes that if youth get the opportunity to share what they do (like she did) , they will not only attract opportunities to them but it will also be a great advocacy tool for the Government , Donor agencies  and Private Sector  to address their concerns. They will also get the opportunity to network with likeminded persons and organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

The projects shared lie within the social pillar, economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030.

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Blog: http://www.youthcountyprojectskenya.com

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Great work Youths Project Kenya. I just saw your advert on the 2weeks Africa-Japan business women exchange course taking place in Japan.

I fall into d category of Fashion textile and apparel business woman. I would like know how it work out for me seeing I’m in Nigeria and not Kenya and when is the deadline for application.



This is really inspiring.I am a 27 year old Cameroonian female and i started an organisation YEPA(Youths Eradicatig Poverty through Agriculture) to support and encourage youths to get into sustainable agriculture, and not the regular subsistence agriculture. A lot of youths are unemployed in my country as well, i have been a victim for a long time. So i decided to help young people. I am really inspired by Violet Mbiti.

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Hae Violet?Am 18years old.I cleared high school last year and am waiting to join Jkuat to take control and instrumentation engineering on July.Am very good at motivational talks and I was hoping to join the youth movement .I was a delegate in the 54th and 55th national school leaders conference in 2015&2016 and also a secretary for the student council for transnzoia county and trans nzoia east subconty for two years


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