Enter the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change Win a Trip to COP22!

Starting today, young people are invited to tell the world how they are shaping a more sustainable future by entering the second annual Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change.

The competition, which is being run by Television for the Environment (tve) and is part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Action for Climate Empowerment and Momentum for Change initiatives, will culminate in a high-profile awards ceremony in November 2016 at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 can enter via the tve awards website until 1 August 2016.


“Young people are taking action on climate change and the environment and we want to hear and see what they are up to in order to inspire the UN and everyone across the globe—so whether it’s leading a divestment campaign at university campus; running a sustainable business or broadcasting programmes on climate change via a village radio station, send us your amazing videos, get noticed internationally and maybe be one of this year’s winners,” said Nick Nuttall, UNFCCC Spokesperson.

“Young people have the highest stake in the success of the Paris Climate Change Agreement,” said Angelica Shamerina, Program Advisor with the UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme, which is supporting the competition. “They will be facing more severe impacts of climate change and stand to benefit the most from the technology revolution and new jobs created by it. By supporting this competition we hope to learn of youth taking the lead in climate action locally, nationally and globally and share these stories widely to inspire others to get involved.”

Two winners will receive a round trip to the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, from 7 to 18 November 2016 (including flight, accommodation and other expenses) and will join the UNFCCC Newsroom team as youth reporters, helping the team with videos, articles and social media posts.

“Young people are crucial agents for implementing the Paris Agreement,” said Timothy Damon, Focal Point for the UNFCCC’s Youth Constituency (YOUNGO). “Addressing climate change requires society to shift to a new and sustainable system – this is only possible if the youth are fully involved in building this new system with their own hands, with the support and empowerment of their elders.”

“Last year’s entries to the Global Youth Video competition – from 60 different countries – gave an inspiring insight into the passion and ambition of young people for combating climate change. We are thrilled to be partnering with the UNFCCC team to run the competition again this year, and we are looking forward very much to watching the films as they arrive!” said Cheryl Campbell, Executive Director of tve.

This year Connect4Climate, an international initiative of the World Bank, is also joining forces with tve to support the Connect4Climate Minecraft Sustainable World category. It will allow young people to send in their climate change story in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals created through the Minecraft game.

“The moment is right for youth globally to tell their own stories and to be heard,” said Lucia Grenna, Program Manager of Connect4Climate. “We need your creativity, your storytelling power and the willingness to accept the global south as a voice. The great revolution of social media is not that we reach millions, but that millions can reach us.”

Connect4Climate has also launched its own Film4Climate Global Video Competition. The partners in the second Global Youth Video Competition have agreed to cross promote both competitions to maximize public awareness and public action on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr Nuttall added: “The two video competitions dovetail very nicely and will maximize the opportunities for all ages of filmmakers wanting to showcase their work and activities towards a sustainable future. The various partners will be discussing with the Government of Morocco on how we can make the award ceremonies for these two excellent competitions the best ever.”

Notes to Editors

To enter the second Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change, the Connect4Climate Minecraft Sustainable World category, and to learn more and watch the winning entries from the 2015 competition, visit the tve website:

The second Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change is organized by the United Nations Climate Change secretariat, the UNDP GEF-Small Grants Programme, the Connect4Climate Program, the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth, and Climate Change, the UNFCCC constituency of youth non-governmental organizations (YOUNGO) and Television for the Environment (tve).

Youth participants are also encourage to send their submissions to the Film4Climate Global Video Competition. See more here:

Its jury of leading filmmakers and experts, led by Bernardo Bertolucci, includes former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed, Lawrence Bender, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Robert Stone, Mika Kaurismaki, Pablo Trapero, Martin Katz, Ann Hornaday, Carole Tomko, Maria Wilhelm, Pat Mitchell, Rose Kuo, and Mark Lynas.

For more information, please contact:

Nick Nuttall, UNFCCC Spokesperson | + 49 228 815 1400, mobile +49 152 0168 4831

Sarah Marchildon, UNFCCC Communications Officer | +49 228 815 1065



World Bank Approves US$150 Million Support for Kenya’s Youth

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved a US$150 million International Development Association (IDA)* program to support 280,000 Kenyan youth to increase their employment and earnings opportunities. The Project is expected to run for a five year period.

The beneficiaries of the new Youth Employment and Opportunities Project are persons aged between 18 and 29 years, who are without jobs and have experienced extended spells of unemployment, or are currently working in vulnerable jobs.

The Project is an effort to respond to the high numbers of new entrants to the workforce who are presently outpacing the capacity of the Kenyan economy to absorb them in productive employment. It is a unique project in that it better prepares young people for the labor market and at the same time, supports the creation of new and better jobs in the market.

“Young people are the lifeblood to drive forward Kenya’s economy. But in all our conversations with the youth, with Government, NGOs, and the private sector, one thing is clear: together we have to do more to create sufficient jobs and ensure that young people are adequately prepared to step into these jobs,” said Diarietou Gaye, World Bank Country Director for Kenya. That’s exactly why we have approved this large investment as a vote of confidence in Kenya and its young people.”

The project focuses on four core areas: a) Improving youth employability by engaging training providers and private sector employers to offer training and work experience in order to address skills mismatch; b) Supporting self-employment by focusing on job creation initiatives and launch of new business start-ups, improving productivity and job creation potential of existing enterprises, and offering innovative approaches to help hard-to-serve youth; c) Improving labor market information by improving access to and the quality of labor market information, and d) Strengthening youth policy development and project management through capacity building support to the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs.

Youth under 25 years account for the largest number of the unemployed and those least educated have poor employment prospects and a higher incidence of low-productivity, low-paying jobs.

“This project can help the employment and employment prospects of youth, beginning with the large numbers who have started their own business or are employed in informal sector enterprises,” said Cornelia M. Tesliuc, Senior Social Development Specialist and Task Team Leader.

The program is fully aligned with the World Bank Group’s Kenya Country Partnership Strategy (CPS). By targeting vulnerable youths, the project supports the World Bank Group’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.


Workshop on Youth and Agricultural Transformation in the EAC: Challenges and Opportunities for Policy Change

Date: Start in 06 Jun 2016
End in 08 Jun 2016
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Society for International Development  (SID) is an international network of experts and organizations with an interest in development, policy and governance research and dialogue. For close to 60 years, SID has been at the forefront of reappraising prevalent development ideas, confronting the theory and practice of development, challenging existing practices and suggesting alternative approaches.

In March 2015, through the Youth Livelihoods, Employment and Agricultural Transformation Programme, SID brought together stakeholders in agriculture from the East African region to a three day workshop in Tanzania aimed at understanding how increased youth participation in the agricultural sector could meet twin challenges of ensuring food security and reducing youth unemployment. During this workshop, participants identified key drivers of the agricultural sector, policy responses developed by governments for the sector across the region and the extent of their impact. They also identified a series of areas for further study and reflection that would highlight key issues informing changes in the agricultural sector and their impact on livelihoods, with a particular emphasis on youth employment.

Click on the link below to read more and apply:


Kibera Town Center;A product of Human Needs Project transforming lives positively

When one thinks of Kibera,what comes to mind is the slum,an unempowered populace and poor infrastucture.But wait a minute,the area is transforming positively thanks to a project whose founder is Connie Nielsen,a Hollywood Actor,who through the Human Needs Project has provided a solution for the youth in the area.


Youth can now access adult literacy classes at a fee.


Youth can now access safe drinking water.The borehole is 200 m deep and is pumped into these tanks and filtered



Youth can dry clean clothes of which they charge a fee.This donation was made possible courtesy of Proctor and Gamble

The area houses an eating area
There is also a library at the center

Youth access computer training at the center

The community can also purchase energy saving jikos from the center


Our visit to the center was worth it.You can support the center by donating to them.


Visit the center by clicking on the link below:

To advertise with us email:





Do you desire to be an actor or an actress?Apply to attend a movie audition taking place in Mombasa County



Shift Your Thinking

By Dr.Kinyanjui Nganga,Phd

You are your mind. He who changes your mind, changes you. Your thoughts control your life – your mind is your greatest asset in this life. It’s the key to peace and life (happiness). Unmanaged mind leads to tension, pressure, stress and chaos. A managed mind leads to strength, security, serenity and peace.

You perfect whatever you work on – you weaken the gift that you don’t use. Every good thing is work in progress. A student of life can make use of the same degree you have…same woman you divorced…same piece of land that you keep idle…same business location that you quit…and make a fortune out of the same situation. It all depends on one’s mental picture.

To what extent are you cultivating what you have? Did you know that the most renowned musician may not necessarily be the most gifted in the land, rather, the one who has cultivated his gift? He has analyzed the business side of the music industry. He has paid the price. Life is 90% perspiration and 10% gifts and talents. As John Maxwell puts it, experience is not the best teacher, evaluated experience is.

Everything that God created has in it the seed to reproduce, regenerate and multiply. There will always be sowing time and reaping time. Many people want to circumvent this law. They want the harvest. Rather than fighting for ideas, they fight for stuff. People who fight for inheritance are ‘dividers’. We were designed to be ‘multipliers’.

Dividers get involved in graft. They don’t want to go through the entire entrepreneurial process. They want short cuts to the top. Consequently, economies collapse and gap between the poor and rich widen. Because of poverty of ideas. If we were fighting for ideas, we wouldn’t be stealing from government coffers. We would be expanding the national cake, not dividing it among our tribesmen.

You are a thought away from your business, performing in world stage, designing the most magnificent structure the world has ever known…if only you let go peanut mentality. Shift your thinking from peanuts mentality to the infinite source – we cannot exhaust ideas. Each one of us came packed with a unique gift to the world.

God therefore, gives us raw materials (seed) – many people expect to be given finished products (harvest). It’s our job to multiply. Multiply your gift. Don’t wish there was a business ready for you to manage…don’t wish there was a meeting set for you to prove your speaking prowess. Nobody will ever lay down the red carpet for you. Life doesn’t give you what you (just) ask; life gives you what you demand.

Shift your focus. Unfortunately, we don’t change when we see the light, we change when we feel the heat. Nature has no vacuum, replace undesired habits with desired ones. You are part of the universal mind – you tune in to existing signals. Whatever fills your mind, fills your life. Your life is the overflow of your thoughts. Control your thoughts by shifting your focus.

From a metaphysical point of view, every thought is patterned after the mental image that predominates at the time the thought is created. The effect is always similar to the cause. If you allow your mind to pick every thought without filtering, you lose your freedom as a free person. If you don’t filter what gets into your mind, you will become a puppet ripe for manipulation.

What catches your attention gets hold of you. Affairs don’t take place on the bed. Winning or losing doesn’t start in the market place. It all starts in the mind. Eyes are the windows of the soul. Shift your focus. If you patron strip clubs, you will certainly degenerate. If you attend inspirational programs, you will certainly progress.

Shift your values. What do you read? What do you watch? What toys do you buy your children? Change your mental picture. Re-wire your CPU. You eventually attract what you allow your mind to process: positive or negative. Learn to become the boss of your mind. Refuse to look at the old pictures and scenes that fill your mind. Paint new pictures in the projection room of your mind. Start painting the pictures of how you want your life to unfold.

Your external world (outputs) is a reflection of your internal world (inputs). Your public life is a manifestation of your private life-privacy of your thoughts. If you want a healthy mind, you must feed your mind with truth. Don’t take a less option than you were originally designed. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a loser. Do you sell yourself cheap? Have you packaged yourself below your Maker’s Master Plan? The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. Self masterly.

Develop yourself. If you don’t, you will make a settlement. Taking something less than you had originally set. If you are broke, check your inputs. If you struggling in your career, check your mental inputs. If you are struggling in your relations, check your relational inputs. Refuse to blame extrinsic factors.

Shift your self-talk. Speak your desired outcomes. Our words are often self fulfilling. Author Paul Harvey observed that 92.7% of all news in the free world each day is negative in substance. Maybe that’s why most of our words are too often impulsive, inordinate, thoughtless & meaningless. Train your tongue to speak like a prince. Negative words have the power to run you down.

Your word is your world. Your word is your life. Many people don’t understand the value of deliberate and careful speech because we are ignorant of the source of this precious faculty and totally unaware of the power of the spoken word. The more one curses, the less sensitive they become with their own behaviour. You cannot behave in a manner that is inconsistent with the manner of your speech. The choice of words can be learned and unlearned.

Speaking positively doesn’t imply denying the reality on the ground, rather, it’s painting mental pictures of your desired outcome – your body obeys the mental commands conveyed. The best indicator of your thought system is your working vocabulary – the words you use on a day-to-day basis.

Many people expect little from life and they end up not disappointed. Your next level is intrinsically hidden in your associations. Simple as it sounds, it is the mysterious secret of the ages. Periodically shift your associations. Are you living together or dying together? – do you need to shift your level of association? Surround yourself with people whose definition of you is not based on your history, but your destiny. Could be you have outgrown your level of association?

There is an African mindset; a Kenyan mindset; a tribe mindset; a neighbourhood mindset; a family mindset; an individual mindset. As a people, Africans need a paradigm shift from being receivers to givers. As a family, what mind shifts do you need to make? Could be you were meant to be the generational tread setter in your family?

Many people prefer to complain about a stressful job rather than step out and explore infinite possibilities out there. At times to undergo a paradigm shift in your life, you may need to physically relocate from where you live. Regrettably, many people prefer the hell they know than the heaven they don’t know. But at times it’s not where you are or come from. It is the power of your imagination. It is the world’s greatest game changer.

Just because something has always been done in a certain way is never a sufficient reason for continuing to do it that way. The fact that it has been done for generations doesn’t make it right – just suppose there was an alternative route? Do you have the courage to exercise your thinking beyond your current locus? The first person who can make a difference is ‘me’. It’s Mahatma Gadhi who said, ‘be the change that you want to see in the world.’

To move to your next level, shift from your excuses. Excuses make you take an exit door from where you were going. Excuses give you a reason for not being exceptional. It’s easier to go from failure to success than from excuses to success. Take responsibility of your destiny. If it is up-to be it is up-to you. The moment you apportion blames, you fail the test of maturity.

Nobody is responsible for your success. For that matter, nobody is responsible for your failure. God never wants anything between you and Him. Not a husband. Not a big brother. Not a parent. He wants you to depend on Him directly as your source. People who begin their day with “if only” or “were it not for” have already failed even before they start.

Did you know all tangibles start with intangibles? Being broke is not your problem. Your partner is not your problem. Your boss is not your problem. Your problem are your excuses. You’ve lived believing that someone, someday will sort you out. You are bitter with your background, family, X, boss etc. Your liberation will occur when you accept to take responsibility for your destiny – only then will you have appreciated the fact that God equipped you for your life whose overflow should feed others.

It is Albert Einstein who argued, we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. If you don’t implement that idea, someone else will – no one has a monopoly in tapping the universal mind. Don’t use your past as an excuse, excuse your excuses and take action. It is not the most gifted in life who succeed but those who refuse excuses.

Bad things are always going to happen in life. People will hurt you. But you can’t use that as an excuse to fail or to hurt someone back. You’ll only hurt yourself. Don’t empower anyone to determine what you can or cannot do; be or never become. ‘Never make excuses’, John Wooden observed, ‘Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.’

Usually there’s a lie in between a promise and many excuses. He who is good in making excuses is rarely good in anything else. He who excuses himself, accuses himself. Winning excuses everything. We don’t have enough crutches for all the lame excuses in the world. If you really want to do it, excuses will cease.

Universal opinions are often mistaken for universal principles. Most people fail in life NOT because they aimed too high and failed to achieve but because they aimed too low and achieved. A great idea is not the one you possess but the one that possesses you. You sing about it every moment. It will eventually become your reality. It works if you work on it with faith and concentration.

What if you reached the end of your life only to discover it was all wrong? You barely survived. What a tragedy to realize on your death bed that you never lived! Dare believe the infinite source. God designed the universe to work in harmony with your belief system. In life, the limiting factor is your sight. We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.

What do you see? As for me, I chose to see from God’s perspective. He says, ‘Let the weak say, I am strong’. What we see depends mainly on what we look for. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. Our duty therefore, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We perform in accordance with the picture we have about ourselves. Our world views.

All you have ever achieved could be a tip of the ice berg of what you can achieve. To live up-to your full potential, you need to shift the operating system until winning in life fuses with your subconscious mind. The journey to the light starts with a candle. Once it’s lit, darkness has gone forever. As the bonfires of knowledge grow brighter, the more the darkness is revealed to our startled eyes.

Shift your limits and reveal who you are to the world. The ceiling in your life are your thoughts. You cannot perform in a manner that is inconsistent with your thought system. If you died today, was your life worth living? If you died today, what dreams, what gifts, what talents, what ideas will die with you? Have you been benchmarking with too low a standard?

We will be judged for the talents we never used. There is a problem that was supposed to be solved by your gifts. My brother, my sister, the voice of greatness is calling you – don’t postpone yourself. Change the picture and see yourself from God’s eye view. See yourself as you really are. See yourself from the truth perspective NOT from your temporal situations.

Dr. Kinyanjui is a gifted and talented motivational speaker whom many reknown regional figures regard as the leading motivational speaker in the region. To get to know  more about him visit


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Startup Instabul are choosing best Kenyan startups for 5 days Startup Istanbul Challenge. Chosen 100 startups will

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Invitation to attend a World Class Fashion Event taking place in Kiambu County

Kiambu County would like to invite you to a World Class Fashion Event taking place from May 5th to 8th at Herisquare  Lounge in Ruaka.

World renown fashion creative Ngugi Vere of Soweto Fashion week will direct and produce the show.


The event will consist of the following activities:

-Fashion Runway Shows
-Creative Workshops
-Fashion Empowerment Talks
-Live Entertainment
-Raffle Giveaways

They are calling upon all fashionistas ,designers and interested parties to get their tickets in advance from and come witness this first of a kind high end fashion show that is guaranteed to mesmerize you.