Call for Proposals to Carry out Civic Education at the counties courtesy of Uraia Trust






Uraia Trust is a national organization that supports democratic transformation processes in Kenya. Its mission is “To provide quality civic education and empower Kenyans to exercise their civic duty in order to realize their constitutional aspirations.”

Uraia’s work is informed by its four Key Focus Areas (KFAs), which are:
(i) Entrenching constitutionalism,
(ii) Promoting free and fair electoral processes,
(iii) Addressing the historical political marginalisation of women, youth, persons with
disabilities and minority communities in Kenya,
(iv) Internal Excellence.

Uraia Trust wishes to invite civil society organizations to participate in the implementation of the above Programme: “Rooting Democracy in Kenya through an Informed Citizenry” – Phase Two to be implemented over the next three years. The goal of this Programme is to contribute towards developing an informed, empowered and democratic nation. Uraia wishes to work with organisations that subscribe to its values, which are, integrity, professionalism, teamwork, equality, equity and non-partisanship.



This call aims at supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) nonpartisan projects targeted at achieving the following Programme objectives:
KFA 1: Entrenching constitutionalism:

1. Facilitating citizens to embody national values and the spirit of the Constitution in the exercise of their sovereign power.
2. Facilitating CSOs and citizens to participate in strengthening public institutions and holding public officials to account.
3. Safeguarding and strengthening devolution for improved service delivery and transformation of lives.

KFA 2: Promoting free and fair elections:

4. Enhancing participation of citizens in electoral processes.
5. Promoting transparency and confidence in the management of elections.
6. Empowering citizens to elect leaders who embody the spirit and the values of the Constitution.

KFA 3: Addressing the historical political marginalisation of women, youth, persons with disabilities and minority communities in Kenya:

7. Increasing and enhancing representation of historically marginalised groups and communities in governance processes.


This call is divided into the following three lots:


2.1.1 Target:
Lot 1 targets county-based organizations with a physical presence in the counties outlined below:

1. Kwale
2. Tana River
3. Wajir
4. Mandera
5. Marsabit
6. Isiolo
7. Embu
8. Turkana
9. Samburu

2.1.2 Expected Results:

Proposed interventions under this Lot should contribute to;
● Increased civic and voter knowledge and awareness on rights and responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution and electoral processes.
● Increased citizen participation on political and governance processes.
● Increased citizen and CSOs participation, engagement and oversight in governance at the national and county level.
● Increased implementation of policy and legislative reforms at county level.
● Increased participation and representation of women, youth and PWDs in political and governance processes.
2.1.3 Type of activities

These may include:
Civic and voter education that focuses on among others
• Education on the implications and application of the Constitution, devolution, rights and responsibilities, national values & principles of governance national cohesion and judicial process.
• Awareness on electoral processes (voter registration and requirements, voting procedures, leadership & integrity, vetting processes).

Civic engagement work that focuses on among others:
• Capacity building and facilitation of local communities to undertake vetting of aspirants ahead of the 2017 general elections.
• Capacity building of local communities for participation in county government processes (planning and budgeting, implementation and monitoring of county plans, budgets and service delivery.
• Capacity building of marginalized groups (women, youth and PWDs) to participate in local decision making structures and political processes.
• Capacity building and facilitation of local communities to demand accountability from county governments.
• Capacity building and support to county governments for transparent and participatory decision making in the planning, implementation and monitoring of county plans and budgets and county development strategies.
• Establishment and facilitation of engagement forums for communities and county governments.
• Supporting formation and facilitating operationalization of CSOs/government sector based platforms (sector working groups).
• Monitoring and reporting on public financial management.
Note: Interventions proposed must demonstrate a clear link between civic and voter education and citizen participation and engagement.
Applying organisations must have a physical presence in the target county and provide evidence of the same when applying. Note: An organisation can only apply to work in One County.
2.1.4 Project duration

• The minimum period for applicant’s proposed project is 18 months and a maximum period is 36 months

2.2.1 Target:
Lot 2 targets national organizations and networks that have demonstrable experience of at least five years working on either or all of the above Key Focus Areas. This experience should include but is not limited to; a focus on influencing democratic transformation through policy and legislative work, public interest litigation, research and capacity development of civil society organisations.

2.2.2 Expected results:

Proposed interventions under this Lot should contribute to:

• Enhancing reforms and compliance to electoral laws.
• Strengthening capacity of CSOs and local communities to undertake vetting of political aspirants.
• Strengthening capacity of political parties to enhance internal democracy in party nominations and elections.
• Promoting policy and legislative reforms on representation of marginalized groups (Women, Youth, minority communities and PWDs).
• Promotion of national values and principles of governance.
• Enhancing credibility and confidence in electoral processes.
• Expanding spaces for engagement between CSOs and national and county governments.
2.2.3 Types of activities:
Institutional transformation work that focuses on among others:
• Advocacy, lobbying and policy influencing work on promoting good governance and service delivery for example public participation, access to information and civic education frameworks.
• National dialogue and engagement forums in defence of constitutionalism.
• Engagement forums with stakeholders on key emerging democratic issues,
• Capacity development of county based CSOs on thematic areas in line with Uraia’s KFAs.

2.2.4 Project duration

• The minimum period for applicant’s proposed project is 18 months and a maximum period is 36 months


2.3.1 Target:

This call targets county level work in Kisii, Nyamira and Migori counties and is aimed at strengthening the capacity of women from the target counties to vie for political positions and or seek appointive positions ahead of the 2017 general elections.

2.3.2 Specific Objectives:

(i) Strengthening the capacity of Kenyan women to vie for political positions /or seek appointive positions at all levels.

(ii) Strengthening the capacity of women to address and overcome barriers to their political participation.

2.3.3 Expected Outputs:

Proposed interventions under this call should contribute to:

i. Creating cohorts of male gender champions to challenge traditional mind-sets and negative stereotypes about women’s leadership.
ii. Building of networks of men and women coalitions to influence political decisions and negotiate with a unified voice at sub-county level.
iii. Increasing civic awareness on the ‘not more than two-thirds’ gender principle among women and men.
iv. Increasing capacity of women to overcome inherent socio, cultural and religious barriers to political participation.
v. Increasing leadership and political skills of women to vie for political / or seek appointive positions.

2.3.4 Type of activities:

These may include:

i. Identification, recruitment and training male gender champions on mentorship, monitoring and lobbying skills.
ii. Linking male gender champions with potential women leaders.
iii. Organizing coalition building network meetings for men and women.
iv. Identification, recruitment of potential women aspirants.
v. Organizing empowerment workshops for potential women aspirants.
vi. Organize political leadership training workshop for women aspirants.
vii. Conducting mass civic education on gender equality and political participation of women, including the ‘not more than two-thirds’ gender principle.
viii. Supporting women to engage with political parties.
ix. Mentorship of women aspirant on political leadership.

Applying organisations must have a physical presence (either by having their headquarters or field offices) in either of the three counties. Uraia will provide only one grant to the successful organization to work in the three Counties. Therefore, applicants must demonstrate capacity to work in all the three counties. Applications to work in only one or two counties will not be considered.

2.3.5 Project duration:

• The minimum period for applicant’s proposed project is 15 months and a maximum period is 18 months
Ineligible activities include, but are not limited to the following:
(i) Activities concerned only or mainly with individual sponsorship for participation in international workshops/conferences.
(ii) Activities concerned only or mainly with individual scholarships for studies or training courses.
(iii) Activities supporting political parties.

Lot 1:

• Minimum grant is Kshs 6 million
• Maximum grant is Kshs 12 million

Lot 2:
• Minimum grant is Kshs 12 million
• Maximum grant is Kshs 24 million

Lot 3:
• Minimum grant is Kshs 1.5 million
• Maximum grant is Kshs 2.8 million

At this initial stage, Uraia wishes to invite interested organizations to only submit concept notes that contribute to the expected results outlined under each category.

The application process will be in two stages the first being a concept note submission. Only organisations that qualify at stage one will be invited to submit full proposals.

Full information on the application process including concept note and budget guidelines are available from the Uraia office or through the Uraia website, or via email through a request to For more details, call Tel: +254 020 2135561, Mobile: 0728 608737.

Concept notes are to be submitted by Monday 27th June 2016, 5:00pm via email to or by post/courier/hand delivery through the following address and clearly marked “Lot No. (insert Lot number and KFA if application is for Lot 2): Uraia Rooting Democracy Phase II Call for Concepts 2016 – Reference no. URAIA/CFC/3/2016”. Any form of canvassing will lead to immediate disqualification.

The Uraia Trust
Uraia House
Jacaranda Avenue, Off Gitanga Road
PO Box 28151 – 00100

By youthcountyprojects

This platform seeks to fill the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects being implemented in the 47 counties in Kenya.
It also highlights projects focusing on youth being implemented in 47 counties in Kenya by the national government,county governments,donor agencies,civil society organisations (CSOs),Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),Donor Agencies,Community Based Organisations (CBOs),private sector and individuals and their impact to the communities.
The projects lie within the social pillar,economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030.
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12 replies on “Call for Proposals to Carry out Civic Education at the counties courtesy of Uraia Trust”

I would like to volunteer in your company I have just concludes my degree in bsc in biochemistry and am now waiting for


It ran a Community based organization focusing adolescents in Siaya County ,do we qualify for this call


I have been working as civic education volunteer for 6 months (feb-july 2015) at mandera county. Rotting democracy in Kenya through an informed citizenry.
kindly may I know whether am qualified. thank you.


Dear Mohammed,unfortunately this call for proposals requests for partnership with organisations and not individuals.What you can do is if there is an organisation in Mandera that is being funded,you can request them to include you in the implementation.


Has this call been awarded? It is about 2 months since OCA for qualified organizations was carried out and yet none got a feedback on success for partneship or otherwise. What is the status?


I am Chemao Hillary Barasa from Bungoma County , LLB Degree holder, 8n 2013 was engaged by IEBC as a Voter Educater and trained by Uraia Trust at Rooword Hotel, iam sincere interested to work for reputable firm,even on Voluntary


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